How To Correctly Update MainStage 3

Apple periodically releases updates for MainStage 3. These updates bring new features and bug fixes. But often, the updates can also cause your templates and plugins to act irregularly or even stop functioning altogether!

Follow this guide to backup your current copy of MainStage 3 before updating. If you run into any issues with the newer version, you can revert back to the older one!

We always recommend to NOT have automatic updates enabled!

Follow these steps before updating MainStage 3. (from

Backing up the MainStage 3 application
When updating to MainStage 3 via the Mac App Store, the latest version will replace the current version you have installed. As a best practice, before updating (or troubleshooting) MainStage 3, you should save a copy of the currently installed version as a backup by following these steps.
Create a new folder in the Applications folder. Name the folder with the name and version of the application (for example, “MainStage 3.0.1"). To check the version of MainStage 3 you have, open the application and choose MainStage 3 > About MainStage 3.
Select the MainStage 3 application in the Applications folder. Choose File > Compress “MainStage 3." It may take a few minutes to compress. 
Move the resulting “MainStage" file into the folder you created in step 1.
Now you can move the folder containing the zip file to your preferred location for storing your backup. For example, you could copy it to an external backup drive.
Important: It is recommended that you complete any active projects before updating to a new version of MainStage 3.
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