Troubleshooting our MainStage Templates

So you open MainStage and load one of our templates to find that something is not working correctly: weird sounds, stuck sustain pedal, Drone Tools won't work right - the list can go on and on.

99 percent of the time, we've seen that unusual errors typically are caused by user errors, often something in the template was accidentally changed or broken. Also, we've seen users have their MIDI devices set to a different MIDI channel than 1, which can cause issues sometimes, especially in Worship Essentials Plus.

For these troubleshooting steps, we are assuming you used the automatic install option so all files are correctly placed on your hard drive.  

  1. The first thing to do is to grab a copy of the backup session and test that. Inside our product folders (located at Music > MainStage), you will find a "Backups" folder. Inside is a zip file containing a fresh copy of your template, look for the file with the word "concert" in the name. For example, the backup zip file for Worship Essentials Standard will be named "Worship Essentials Standard". When you find that zip file, double-click to extract the file inside it, and you'll see a new copy of the template appear. Open it in MainStage, and see if the same issues appear. If everything is back working correctly, delete your original concert file and use the new one from the zip file. If you run into problems again, you can repeat this whole step as many times as needed.
  2. If you tried a new copy of the template from the zip file, and nothing changed, then we will try reinstalling the whole product, just in case something went wrong the first time. Ensure you have the DMG files from the Automatic Install option downloaded from our website, and then run the automated installer. After it completes, check the template again. If it is still not working, move to step 3.
  3. For bigger issues not easily identified, we can schedule a TeamViewer session with you! TeamViewer allows us to see your screen and even control your mouse and keyboard for our top-rated support team to troubleshoot for you. First, make sure you have the software downloaded and installed: Then, open the application, and on the "Review System Access" window, allow access for the first 2 items - "Screen Recording" and "Accessibility" so that the color dot changes from red to green. Lastly, go to the "Remote Control" tab, find the "Allow Remote Control" and email us "Your ID" and "Password" on that screen.
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