How To Install Valhalla Shimmer Presets

IMPORTANT PRODUCT NOTE: Valhalla Shimmer does not support preset files itself. Our products include preset files for Logic Pro/MainStage but for other DAWs, we’ve included pictures of each preset that you will need to dial in yourself.

Installation instruction (Mac only)

  1. Download your product zip file, extract the product folder, and locate the folder containing the preset files. For "Worship Spaces for Valhalla Shimmer", the preset folder is titled "TWS - Worship Spaces".
  2. Open the following location on your computer in a second window:

    Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Presets > Valhalla DSP, LLC >  Valhalla Shimmer

  3. Copy or move your preset folder into the Valhalla Shimmer folder, then your patches will show in the Preset section in the Valhalla Shimmer plugin when you open it in either Logic Pro or MainStage.
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