Points and Rewards Program

That Worship Sound Points Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions Overview

That Worship Sound Points and its benefits are offered at the discretion of That Worship Sound. That Worship Sound has the right, without limitation, to change, limit, modify or cancel Program Rules, regulations, rewards, and reward levels at any time, with or without notice, even though such changes may affect the value of points already accumulated, the ability to use accumulated points, or the ability to obtain certain rewards.

Our current Points Reward program consists of the following:

  • Earn 5 points for every dollar spent on our website (USD)
  • Earn 100 points for creating an account on our website
  • Earn 100 points for writing a product review
  • Redeem 100 points for a $1 (USD) discount at checkout, and you can choose the amount of points to use

That Worship Sound may, among other things:

  • increase or decrease the number of points received for a purchase or their redemption value;
  • withdraw, limit, modify, or cancel any reward or category;
  • restrict the continued availability of rewards;
  • change program benefits, conditions of participation, rules for earning, redeeming, retaining, or forfeiting points, or rules governing the use of rewards.

The accumulation of points does not entitle members to any vested rights with respect to points, rewards, or program benefits. In accumulating points, members may not rely upon the continued availability of any reward or reward level.

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