How To Fix Audio Issues in MainStage

If you've experienced any of the following issues: 

  • pops
  • crackling
  • latency
  • dropouts
  • overheating computer 
  • stuck/sticking notes

Then keep reading to learn ways to eliminate them forever!

First, here are our minimum recommended computer specs:

  • 2.3+ GHz processor
  • 8+ GB RAM
  • SSD Hard Drive
This is one of our favorite videos by our friend Jeff, it has tips and tricks to help MainStage run at its best!
Run MainStage in Edit mode rather than Perform mode, and see if Edit mode is less CPU-intensive for you.
Run MainStage in low-resolution mode to minimize the impact on system performance: right-click on the MainStage application and select "Get Info". Then check the "Open in Low Resolution" checkbox.
Disable the "Perform in Full Screen" option: Preferences > Display > Performance.
Set your buffer to 256 or higher: Preferences > Audio > Advanced Settings > IO Buffer Size. Also check the "I/O Safety Buffer".
Turn off Auto Save: Preferences > General > Autosaving > Never.
Turn off any icons running in your Mac's top menu bar. WiFi, Bluetooth, DropBox, etc can all eat away at available CPU and RAM.
Keep your concert files from having too many patches. Every loaded patch consumes both RAM and CPU. Just keep the layered patches you are currently using. You can always export patches from MainStage, and load them back when needed.
Keep your audio levels from clipping, as it can cause CPU spikes and dropouts.
If you continue to have issues, then feel free to contact us!
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