How To Remove an Omnisphere 2 Library

How to remove an Omnisphere 2 library (using our library "PAD NOUVEAU for Omnisphere 2" as an example).

Open your STEAM folder, located here:
Mac - Macintosh HD / Users / <Your Username> / Library / Application Support / Spectrasonics / STEAM

(Mac users, your library folder is hidden in your Home folder. With your Home folder open, press Command+Shift+Dot to reveal hidden files, then your Library folder will be visible.)

Then delete the following folders (in bold):
STEAM / Omnisphere / Soundsources / User / TWS - Pad Nouveau
STEAM / Omnisphere / Settings Library / Multis / TWS - Pad Nouveau
STEAM / Omnisphere / Settings Library / Patches / TWS - Pad Nouveau

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