What are the differences between Worship Essentials and Worship Essentials Plus?

The core difference between the 2 products is that the standard Worship Essentials only needs MainStage to work, while the Plus version needs 3rd-party software as well.

Worship Essentials 3.1
Worship Essentials Plus 3.1
Required Software
  • MainStage or Logic Pro
  • MainStage or Logic Pro
  • NI The Giant
  • NI Scarbee Mark 1
  • Kontakt or Kontakt Player (free)
  • Omnisphere 2
  • Valhalla Shimmer
  • Layered Patches 85 55
    Single Patches 185 110
    Layered Patch List 80's Inspired 1
    80's Inspired 2
    Acoustic Worship Set 1
    Acoustic Worship Set 2
    All That Gospel
    All That Worship
    All The Bells 1
    All The Bells 2
    Altar Call Pad
    Ambient Lead 1
    Ambient Lead 2
    Ambient Piano
    Arpegiatted Dreams
    Arps & BPM
    Bright Epic Pad
    Cathedral Atmosphere
    Celestial Harmonics
    Circuit Pads
    Classic Layers
    Classic Worship
    Cloudy Days
    Cloudy EP
    Dance Floor
    Dark and Intimate
    Dense Pads
    Distorted Texture
    Fill The Atmosphere
    Glorious Arps & Lead
    Gospel Stack
    Gospel Talk
    Huge Pad
    Intimate Upright Piano
    Just Strings
    Lonely Wurly
    Lush Pulses 1
    Lush Pulses 2
    Magical Strings
    Main EP and Pads
    Main Piano and Pads
    Massive Gospel Stack
    Massive Low Pads
    Massive SideChain
    Maverick Layers
    Mid Tempo Worship 1
    Mid Tempo Worship 2
    Modern Classic 1
    Modern Classic 2
    Organ Pads 1
    Organ Pads 2
    Pad and Keys
    Pad Heaven
    Pads & Strings
    Pancake & Pie
    Piano & Pads
    Piano & Slow Strings
    Piano and Airy Pad
    Piano and Delays
    Piano and Strings
    Piano and Synths 1
    Piano and Synths 2
    Piano and Synths 3
    Piano Layers
    Rich and Energetic Synths
    Sea of Victory
    Shoot For The Moon
    Smooth Gospel Lead
    Soft Rhodes & Pad
    Soft Wurly and Pads
    Softest Piano & Pad
    Sydney Synth Layers 1
    Sydney Synth Layers 2
    Tack Piano
    That Worship Sound
    The Arps
    The Basic Worship Layers
    The Church Pad
    The Minimalist
    The Super Lead
    The Worship Foundation 1
    The Worship Foundation 2
    The Worship Pad 2
    Warm Suitcase
    Wurly and Pads
    Aggressive Pad
    Ambient EP
    Ambient Pad/Lead 1
    Ambient Pad/Lead 2
    Ambient Piano
    Beautiful Imperfection
    Bright Piano
    Cathedral Atmosphere
    Cutting Synths
    Deep Power Swell
    Dream Piano
    Dreamy Pads
    Elevation Layers 1
    Elevation Layers 2
    Epic Synths 1
    Epic Synths 2
    Fill The Atmosphere
    Frozen Piano
    Glorious Layers
    Glorious Outro
    Granular & Grace
    Juno Pads Dry
    Jupiter Pads Dry
    Lush Juno Pads
    Lush Jupiter Pads
    Lush Moog Pads
    Lush Oberheim Pads
    Lush Prophet Pads
    Lush Pulses
    Moog Pads Dry
    Natural Piano and Pad
    Oberheim Pads Dry
    Organ Pads 1
    Organ Pads 2
    Overdriven EP
    Piano & Delays 1
    Piano & Delays 2
    Piano & Pads
    Piano & Strings
    Piano and Analog Pads
    Piano and Synths
    Power Chords
    Prophet Pads Dry
    Pulsating Chords
    Rising Waves
    Smashed Piano and Pads
    Soft Piano and Pad
    Solid Foundation
    Synth Ensemble
    That Worship Sound
    The Glorious Cathedral
    The Lead
    The Minimalist
    Trem EP
    Single Patch List Aggressive Arp
    Aggressive Low
    Aggressive Pad 1
    Aggressive Pad 2
    All That Worship
    Altar Call Pad
    Ambient Arp Pad
    Ambient Piano
    Ambient Pluck
    Analog Pad 1
    Analog Pad 2
    Analog Pulse 1
    Analog Pulse 2
    Analog Pulse 3
    Arp + Overdrive
    Attack Pad
    B3 Organ All
    B3 Organ Bite
    B3 Organ Edge
    B3 Organ Pad
    B3 Organ Strong
    Basic Pad
    Basic Pluck Arp
    Beach Bells
    Bright Ambient Lead
    Bright Oct Pad
    Bright Oct Sidechain
    Bright Oct Synth
    Bright Piano
    Bright Synth Brass
    Buzzy Pad
    Cathedral Atmosphere
    Celestial Voices
    Chiming In
    Choir Pad
    Church Bells
    Classic Organ
    Clouds & Dirt
    Clouds 1
    Clouds 2
    Cloudy EP
    Comp Waves
    Dark Piano
    Dat Worship Bass 1
    Dat Worship Bass 2
    Dat Worship Bass 3
    Detuned Chord Stab 1
    Detuned Chord Stab 2
    Detuned Chord Stab 3
    Detuned Pulse
    Digital Dreams 1
    Digital Dreams 2
    Digital Dreams Drive
    Digital Dreams Drive Arp
    Digital Dreams Trem
    Digital Piano 1
    Digital Piano 2
    Dreams and Modulations
    Dreamy Synth Bells 1
    Dreamy Synth Bells 2
    Drive Pulse
    Echo Arp 1
    Echo Arp 2
    Echo Arp 3
    Electric Stage MKII
    Electric Suitcase
    Epic Pad 1
    Epic Pad 2
    Epic Pad 3
    Epic Richness
    FM Piano 1
    FM Piano 2
    FM Piano 3
    Full Strings
    Glide Verby Lead
    Gospel Chord Stabs 1
    Gospel Chord Stabs 2
    Gospel Flute
    Gospel Organ
    Gritty Arp
    Gritty Pulse 1
    Gritty Pulse 2
    Hard Trem
    High Passed Arp
    Highpassed Pad
    Huge Pad 1
    Huge Pad 2
    Huge Pad 3
    Juno Lead
    Light Harmonics
    Low Energy 1
    Low Energy 2
    Massive Pad
    Massive SideChain
    Maverick Upright Piano
    Mechanical Rhodes 1
    Mechanical Rhodes 2
    Mechanical Rhodes Soft
    Mellotron Flute
    Mellotron Strings
    Mellotron Strings & Flute
    Mellow Piano
    Mellow Rhodes
    Mono Gospel Lead 1
    Mono Gospel Lead 2
    Music Box
    Natural Piano 1
    Natural Piano 2
    Overdriven Organ Pulse
    Overdriven Pulse
    Piano 2
    Pluck + Arp 1
    Pluck + Arp 2
    Pluck + Delay
    Plucky Arp
    Polka Accordion
    Poly Trance Arp 1
    Poly Trance Arp 2
    Poly Trance Lead 1
    Poly Trance Lead 2
    Poly Trance Sidechain
    Pulse 1
    Pulse 2
    Pulse 3
    Pulse 4
    Real Arp
    Redding Pad
    Reversed EP
    Rhythmic Pluck 1
    Rhythmic Pluck 2
    Sidechain Pulse 1
    Sidechain Pulse 2
    Sidechain Pulse 3
    Sizzle Pad
    Sizzle Pad Low
    Sizzling Pad
    Slow String Ensemble
    Smooth EP
    Smooth Gospel Harmony
    Smooth Gospel Lead 1
    Smooth Gospel Lead 2
    Smooth Gospel Lead 3
    Smooth Organ Pad
    Soft Piano
    Soft Trem
    Soft Upright Piano
    Softest Pad
    Softest Piano
    Sparkly Arp
    Square Pluck
    String Ensemble
    Super Pad
    Superstack Pad
    Sweet Heaven 1
    Sweet Heaven 2
    Sweetest Organ
    Sydney Pad
    Synthy Pad
    Tango Accordion
    The Modern Supersaw
    The Worship EP
    The Worship Pad 1
    The Worship Pad 2
    The Worship Piano
    The Worship Supersaw
    Toy Celesta
    Toy Piano
    Trance Pad
    Trombone Pad
    Upright Piano
    Velo Pad
    Vibrasynth Lead
    Violins 1
    Violins 2
    Warm Suitcase
    Worship Brass Pad
    Worship Synth Bass 1
    Worship Synth Bass 2
    Wurlitzer 200A
    Wurlitzer 240V
    Wurlitzer Soft
    Yamaha Grand
    Abandrone High
    Abandrone Low
    Adagio Expressivo
    Aggressive Pad
    Ambient EP 1
    Ambient EP 2
    Ambient Piano
    Analog Bells
    Analog Pulse
    Anticpation of Energy 1
    Anticpation of Energy 2
    Basic Mellow Pad
    Beautiful Imperfection
    Bells & Keyboards
    Big JP Trance Arp
    Big JP Trance Synth
    Bright and Beautiful
    Bright Piano
    Bright Supersaw Strings
    Carousel Dreams
    Cathedral Atmosphere
    Cathedral Pad
    Chilling JP-8000 Gated Pad
    Church Pad
    Classic 80's Vibrasynth
    Colored EP
    Dream Piano
    Driven Supersaw
    Drying Rack Wistful
    Eight Times Eight
    Eighties Granular Vibrasynth
    Elevation Piano
    Elka Glide '75
    Endless Opera Pad 1
    Endless Opera Pad 2
    Eternal Evolution
    European Octave Wheel
    Fame Epic Synth
    Fast Legato String
    Frozen Piano
    Gaga Fizz
    Gentle Vibrasynth
    Glide Supersaw
    Glide Verby Lead 1
    Glide Verby Lead 2
    Granular Vibrasines
    Juno 60 Pad
    Juno 60 Power Pad
    Juno 60 Strings
    Juno Soft Pad
    Jupiter Accentuator
    Jupiter Horn Pad
    Jupiter Saws
    Lap Steel Pad
    Low Energy 1
    Low Energy 2
    Low Octave Piano
    Luscious Oberheim Chorus
    M83 Outro
    M83 Outro Pad
    M83 Outro Pad Bright
    Mellotron Flute
    Mellotron Strings
    Mellotron Strings and Choir
    Mellow EP
    Modern Supersaw Oct
    Moog Power Swell Bright
    Moog Power Swell High
    Moog Power Swell Low
    Natural Piano
    Natural Piano Soft
    Oberheim Pad 1
    Oberheim Pad 2
    Oberheim Saws
    Organ Pluck Arp
    Plucked Piano
    Poly Trance Lead
    Post-Modern Duophone
    Power Strings
    Pulse 1
    Pulse 2
    Pulse 3
    Purdy Chaos
    Sidechain Pad
    Simple Jupiter 8 Pad
    Smashed Piano
    Smoked Hammond Ballad
    Smoked Hammond Club
    Smooth EP
    Soft Pro 5 Pad
    Studio Mellotron Strings
    Studio Piano
    Sub Bass
    Supersaw Chords
    Supersaw in the RS-09
    Supersaw Riffer
    Sydney Grand Organ Pad
    The Modern Supersaw
    The Prophet Pad
    The Worship EP
    The Worship Pad
    The Worship Piano
    The Worship Supersaw 1
    The Worship Supersaw 2
    Trem EP
    Vibrato Sawpluck
    Virus Pulse
    Warm Pad
    Wide Analog Pad

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