How To Setup TouchOSC Mk1 with Worship Guitar Essentials

Required: TouchOSC Bridge and TouchOSC Editor applications on your computer, and the TouchOSC app on your mobile device. Connection is via a USB cable or wifi network.

Computer: TouchOSC Bridge application
TouchOSC Bridge is a standalone application that relays MIDI messages sent from the TouchOSC app to any MIDI capable application on your computer (and vice versa). TouchOSC Bridge is free to download.

Computer: TouchOSC Editor application
TouchOSC Editor is required if you wish to create and customize your own layouts for TouchOSC, and is free to download.

Device: TouchOSC app
iOS Requirements - Compatible with all iOS devices. Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later.
Android Requirements - Requires Android 1.6 or later. Multi-touch requires Android device with full distinct touch tracking capabilities.
Price is $4.99 USD.
Google Play:
Amazon App Store:

Install TouchOSC Bridge

Install TouchOSC Editor

Using TouchOSC with Worship Guitar Essentials

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